Volunteer Policy (Niagara Thunderhawks Lacrosse)

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NOTL Minor Lacrosse


NOTL Minor Lacrosse has implemented a $200 volunteer fee to increase our member’s participation in our Associations events. 


·         A $200 volunteer cheque, dated July 1, 2024 of the current season, will be required upon registration per player, for all divisions, excluding paperweight.


·         In cases where an NSF cheque is received, a $25 NSF fee will be charged, and the player will not be allowed on the floor in subsequent seasons until this fee has been paid.


·         Failure to attach a volunteer fee cheque at the time of registration will result in your child not being permitted to participate in NOTL Minor Lacrosse until the cheque has been received.


·         For each player registered with NOTL Minor Lacrosse, there will be a requirement of 4 hours of volunteer duty (maximum of 8 hours per family).  Volunteer hours are earned by helping with our Tournament. This year the Tournament runs from Friday May 26 to Sunday May 28. No volunteer opportunities will be available after this time so please don't miss out.  More detail on these NOTL Minor Lacrosse volunteer opportunities will be posted on our website one month prior to the event.


·         Exemptions to volunteer requirement will be given up to, and not exceeding 4 bench staff per team, and head coach must report bench staff to the Volunteer Coordinator by first regular season game (no exceptions to this) and this will be the person credited with a volunteer exemption regardless of bench staff changes throughout the year. Bench staff will be credited volunteer hours for all their required volunteer time (including for multiple players in that respective family).


·         Time box keepers will not be exempt during their team’s regular season.


·         Parents must register their volunteer hours with the Volunteer Coordinator prior to an NOTL Minor Lacrosse event in order to be eligible.  Failure to do so, will result in the incompletion of your volunteer requirement and your volunteer fee cheque will be cashed.


·         The Volunteer Coordinator will keep track of all hours and will have the final say as to whether a parent has completed the required hours.


·         Parents and players cannot bank hours to be transferred into the following season or transferred to another player.


February 2024